Body Enhancing Candy

Maybe you are already familiar with body-enhancing medicinal products out there in the form of powdered milk or capsules. However, many consumers complain that the consuming process is rather complicated because it requires the provision of warm water and glass. Maybe for those of you who are at home, this is not a problem, but if you are doing activities outside the house, of course this is very troublesome. But fortunately, now we have had a New Revolution in the world of medicine and supplements, namely the Tiens Agency Decree. Before I explain in more detail about this interesting product, you must first know why many people want the ideal height and what factors cause stunted growth.

The following is a broadcast from a TV show DR OZ about the phenomenon of height in Indonesia


“Why do people want to have the ideal height”, if you answer this question, the reason is because there are many advantages to having a tall body such as:

It’s easy to find a prestigious job such as being a pilot, army, police officer, model or flight attendant.
Appear more confidently in an environment where you hang out.
Easy to reach goods at high places.
And there are many more advantages of an ideal height.
how to increase height

Some people can have an ideal height, but most especially in Indonesia their body growth is not optimal, it turns out that there are several factors that can cause a person’s growth and development to not run optimally, such as:

Hereditary and Genetic Factors , this is the biggest reason why a person’s body is short. If you have both parents who are underweight, then don’t be surprised if your height limit won’t be much different from them.
Nutritional factors , food intake and nutrition greatly affect growth because bones really need the best and sufficient nutrition to grow. Some of the substances needed are calcium, zinc and protein. Lack of these substances can cause a person’s growth and development process to be hampered.
Hormone factors , when you are asleep at night the body will produce a growth hormone called HGH. In some cases there are some people who have problems with minimal HGH production, this of course will hinder the process of increasing height.
Habit Factor , for people who have a habit of hunched over or often carry heavy loads on their shoulders, it will inhibit bone growth. The habit of sitting and sleeping is also very influential on the process of elevating the body.